font for page number


I’ve choosen a font for my documents.
Preserve formatting is checked for all of them.
I want to print them.
So How can I select the font and size for the page number to be in the same font ?

Thank you for your help.


When you export to a word processor, create a header or footer and enter the font/size for the page number there. Scrivener is mainly for outlining and drafting; in word-processing you control the document’s final appearance.

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to export my text.
I just want to print it and to have the same font for the text and the page number.

Is it not possible in scrivener ?

Under File/Compile Draft/Formatting the first of the four fonts underneath the box with the dummy text is the one used for the header.

Yes, but I think it works only if I check “override text formatting”

No, it does also work without overriding the text formatting.

Try it and click on print but then just look at the preview instead of real printing to save paper.


For a quick view of how many pages in a project, or a selected sub-set of same, use View: Statistics: Project Statistics. After some calculations, you will get a word, character, and page count for the entire project as well as any selected portion. That would save you printing costs.

The header will use the compile font if overridden or the default font (as set via Text Editing preferences) if not. 2.0 will allow you to choose arbitrary fonts for the header and footer (you can have both in 2.0), though; Compile Draft is vastly improved in general for 2.0.
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Thank you Keith.

You have really good teasers for 2.0 !