Font Garamond trouble

So it seems everyone is recommending this font to me for printed text. Unfortunately I don’t have it in my version of mac scrivener (2.6, most recent) and I can’t figure out why.

This is a major headache, and I’ve tried to download it but I guess I’m getting bad links. Any help would be appreciated. :blush:


Scrivener doesn’t come with any fonts. It uses the fonts that are available to it from the OS X font library.

If you have installed Garamond in the font library, it should be available in Scrivener.

A reboot of Scrivener and/or the Mac might help.

Can you see and use Garamond in other apps?

Hi Johnny,

If you don’t (cf Briar Kit advice), you’ll find here a fix to your problem :wink:

Have a nice day!

EB-Garamond is a high quality font that is freely available. I use URW++ Garamond No. 8 in our user manuals, mainly because it works well with the typesetting engine that I use to produce the PDFs.