Font glitch when compiling to PDF

I’m compiling my project to a PDF. I was trying to figure out why it was showing a different font for my body text and the numbers of a numbered list. As an experiment, I copied the list from the compiled PDF and pasted it into Wordpad and LibreOffice Writer. Both programs produced the same results. The number from the numbered list shows up as having the font “Adobe Caslon Pro” and all the rest of the text shows as having the font “AdobeCaslonProRegular” (Note – no spaces). In the PDF viewer (PDF-XChange Editor), the text looks correct and the numbers look wrong. In Wordpad and Writer the numbers look right and the text looks wrong.

Here’s how it looks in the PDF viewer:

Here’s how it looks in Wordpad:

I suspect what’s happening is that Scrivener is storing the font in the PDF with an incorrect name, then using that incorrect name in most of the document, so it looks right. Then, when I copied the text to another program, it tries to use that incorrect name (the one without the spaces) as the font in the pasted text, which it can’t find, so it uses the default font. For some reason, Scrivener used the correct name for the list numbers, ironically making it look wrong in the PDF and right when I copied it to another program.

Does this make sense? I’m saying I think it’s a bug in Scrivener, though I’m not really certain of that. It’s possible I’m just missing a piece of the puzzle. For instance, I don’t know if the list numbers are using a different Scrivener style than the body text. If anyone has any insights I’d love to hear them.

The font for Notes is set in File> Options > Editing > Formatting. Font names without spaces are normal AFAIK. I’d be worried about the offset from the baseline…

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I don’t understand what you’re referring to, though. I’m not using a program called Notes. I’m using Scrivener to export to PDF, then copying the text in the created PDF into Wordpad and LibreOffice Writer. All of these are running in Windows 10. I wrote above about the weird things I was seeing in the font information that was copied over from the PDF into Wordpad and Writer.

As for the offset from the baseline, I’m guessing you’re referring to how the “1” looks like it’s shifted up a bit from the rest of the text. I’d guess that’s because of the differences between the default font in those programs and the Adobe Caslon font. I’m not inclined to try to address that problem until I can fix the problem of the incorrect font being used.

In Scrivener Notes, as in the collections of Footnotes and Endnotes, have a font setting separate from the main text. You can find that setting in the Options, under the Editing button and inside the Formatting tab.

Hope this helps

Again, thank you for your suggestion. This isn’t about a footnote or anything like that, though. This is a numbered list in the main text of one of the documents. It should, as far as I can tell, use the same formatting as the surrounding text (apart from whatever indenting the list requires). Besides, that doesn’t explain the wonky copy-paste behavior I described.