Font in Binder turns white after clicking on it - Scrivener 3


I recognized that the Section fonts in the binder turn from black to white and stay white after clicking on it (see screenshot).

How can I change that?



I don’t know of a setting that would cause that, and I have never seen it happen to a Scrivener project/binder.

Have you tried quitting and restarting Scrivener? Restarting the Mac?

Do the white labels persist after a restart?

Anything you can tweak in the appearance options for the binder?

Yes, that definitely looks like a bug, although I’ve never seen it myself - weird!

same problem here. macbook pro 13inch 2013. System 10.13.2.
quite frustrating.

Same here. High Sierra, 10.13.3 Beta

I can’t reproduce this right now, but it happened to me when I was playing with binder background colours when I first downloaded Scrivener 3. My solution was to go to either a darker background, or a lighter background–either would make this stop.