Font in Notes

Hey guys

Is there a way to use the SYSTEM FONT for the notes? Every note I make has a tiny font, and if I increase it in preferences then my Scratch Pad is thrown off too. It would be ideal to format these two separately.



It seems what makes this formatting a bit weird is that it’s affected by the ZOOM level. Which maybe it shouldn’t?

Behind the scenes, notes are actually held in a separate RTF document, so (almost?) all Scrivener’s formatting commands work exactly the same way in the notes panel as in the editor.

That includes styles, the ruler for tabs / indents, and also the zoom level — and they all apply independently of the formatting in the Editor.

So, set your preferred Notes font and size in Preferences > Editing > Formatting, then go to any Notes panel field and set the Zoom to whatever level you want using either cmd-shift-< or >, or the View > Zoom menu.

If you move between documents, you’ll see that every Notes panel displays the new zoom level: ie increasing / decreasing zoom affects every Notes panel. You only have to do it once.


Thanks, will try out