Font issues when compiling.

I am trying to compile a short story into a word .doc file for sending to a beta reader.
I have two text sections in the compile.
I used Times New Roman 12pt font and double spaced for both text sections.
When I compile it the first section has single spacing and the font is different.

I’m not sure what is going on.

When I switch the exporter type from doc2any to RTF it looks like I want it then.
Not sure why this should make a difference. Anyone think I should file a bug report?

It could be the rogue section has “Compile As-Is” turned on, in the General section of the Inspector. That will cause the compiler to ignore override formatting rules for that document, from titles to how the text is formatted.

Good Idea. I didn’t think of that. But it isn’t checked.
I updated original post with info about switching exporters.

Okay, that would have been my second suggestion. Which export mode works best is kind of computer specific, so if you do get a bad result, switching those around can sometimes help.