Font Issues

Courier and CourierNew automatically default to MS Sans Serif. Further, when changing the font of a block of text, I’m running into the issue that I can only change the block once. After that, any attempt to change the font again leaves the font dropdown empty, and doesn’t actually change the font. I can use “Ctrl-Z” to revert the text to the original font, and I can reset things by switching to another text in the project and switching back.

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit).

Thanks, this is a known bug which Lee is fixing for the next release. For the time being, if the format bar has blanked out, you can use F4 to call up the font window (Format>Font>Show Fonts) and change the font from there.

Thanks for the info on getting around the bug, and sorry about posting a known bug. I missed this when I searched the forum.

I had this, too. I assumed they changed the default font? It used to be Verdana, but if I change everything to defaults, I get MS Sans Serif, too.

Sorry, yeah, I haven’t had a chance to update the known bugs list. No worries about posting it again, just letting you know that it’s being fixed!

Default font changed at some point (025, I think?) to Courier, but it may change again.