Font keeps reverting, won't hold change?

I’m brand new to Scrivener here, so I’m not sure if this is some sort of bug or if I need to fix a setting or something or what. I’m currently working on a new project in the Manuscript, with Parts template. I have some text in each of the Parts folders, and for some reason, the font I’ve set that text to keeps changing and reverting to Helvetica. Which is odd, because I’ve never used Helvetica at all in Scrivener. It wasn’t the default font set in the Editor panel under Options (that was Courier New). I keep going in to physically change the font, and when I check back later, it’s somehow automatically changed back to Helvetica! And it’s only the font face - the size I set doesn’t change.

Can anyone help me out with this?

A couple questions to narrow this down, as it does sound rather unusual: Are you pasting the text in from another source (e.g. Word or a web browser–Chrome particularly has a bug with pasting text) or is this happening with new text typed directly into a newly created Scrivener document? What font are you trying to use, and where and how are you setting the font? The font set for the Editor default in Options should be the font used for a newly created document (e.g. if you chose Project > New Document), and if you select that in the editor and change it, it should stick for that text you selected but won’t affect any other documents.

Helvetica I believe is the fallback if you’re working with text that uses a font not supported by Scrivener, so bitmap fonts, for instance; cross-platform users who have a Mac project using a font not available on their Windows machine will see text switch to Helvetica.

Also, I was assuming that you’re seeing this change directly in the editor, correct? If it’s a difference between what you see in the editor and what you get in the compiled document, we’ll just need to look at the compile formatting.