Font / Location change when switching platforms

I’ve been sharing some project files between the Mac and Windows versions of Scrivener recently, but each time I switch I find that random sections of random documents have changed font.

When I switch from Mac to Windows I find that certain sections have been changed to MS Shell DLG 2 and when I go the other way I have random parts have been changed to Courier.

I’d originally assumed that this was because of missing fonts between the platforms, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Also… it doesn’t seem to be remembering which binder position between platforms.

The interface settings are saved separately on each, so it indeed won’t remember your position in the binder. This may change in the future, but the interfaces need to be more on a par first, and it will mean us writing a whole XML format just for interface settings, which is non-trivial given the number there are.

The font issue is most likely caused by the fonts not being recognised. “MS Shell DLG 2” is the Windows default fall-back font, I believe. Please send a sample file that demonstrates this to AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that Jennifer can take a look.

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I get a lot of font problems between platforms, and I think most of it boils down to how fonts are addressed differently between systems. What one refers to as Times New Roman, may not be how the other refers to it, so the system reverts to the default font. You’ll see Helvetica on the Mac when this happens in the other direction.

Okay, I’ve been playing around with it and seem to have it stable now. Interestingly, it wasn’t fixed by changing the font (which would just undo next platform switch), but by overwriting the font size and line spacing options (ie, switching the whole doc to 11pt and 1.0 space then back to the previous 12pt and 1.5).

Also, can I just say… How the F@#@$ do you rename a file on OS X?

Click on the name in the finder. Wait a second. Click again. It should now be editable. Just like in windows.

Or click once on the file and hit Return; Hit return again to finish the rename, or ESC to get the original name back. Up & down arrows work for moving the selection, and CMD-o will open the file in its default editor.

Well that’s certainly a lot simpler than the emailing to my Windows account, renaming and then emailing back approach I’d been taking.

Would it really be that hard to have “rename” in the right click menu? :wink:

Thanks RDG!

Hmmm. Font changes are back.

Seems to be a growing trend…

Note, I don’t think this happened before 2.4

I use Times New Roman and it seems to be stable between platforms.