font menu bar in full screen modus?


just a short question: Is there any chance to include the font menu bar (Bold/Italics/Underline) into the full screen modus - appearing when I scroll down with the mouse? (the bar which then appears already includes things like text scale, inspector etc.) Is this bar customizable somehow or do I have to mark text and right click (or go to the menu bar above) while writing if I don’t want to leave full screen? The three symbols Bold/Italic/Underline for direct access would be very nice. Didn’t found such an option, but to be sure, I wanna ask here.

Thanks a lot for your kind support.

Apologies if I’m asking the obvious – but have you rejected using the keyboard (Cmd-B etc.)?

Hello Hugh,

thanks for the reply - haven’t thought of the keyboard shortcuts, to be honest, as I don’t use shortcuts very much. Thanks for the hint, this definitely is a very good possibility!