Font preference for Document Notes

I’m using 2.5, and while there are a number of font-related preferences, I don’t see one for “Document Notes.” I know I can change the font of the note in the note pane, but it’s a pain to have to go into every single note and make the font 2-3 points bigger. It would be nice to have a preference for it. Thanks.

Under the “Formatting” pane of Preferences, “Notes” font. This affects newly created documents but will not change the font of existing ones, since document and project notes are rich text and the change could be destructive (not only converting fonts you specifically set but also potentially removing italics or bold if the new font did not support them).

Ah, that explains why when I changed the preference, the font didn’t change. I assumed it was changing something else. Scrivener noob. :slight_smile: Thanks!