Font Question! Please help!

Hello there.

I can write in Scrivener in one particular font (Goudy Old Style) but when I go to compile settings, Format, that particular font is nowhere to be found. When I open the fonts panel and I click that little Cog-Wheel and click “Manage Fonts” I have dragged and dropped my desired font above into its own thing. It seems to show up, but when I go to click on it, there is nothing! I’ve tried it a number of different ways, but I am totally unsuccessful thus far. I’ve scoured this forum (maybe not well enough) and haven’t seen anyone else talking about this. :neutral_face:

If someone has a back-end method for inserting a font into Scrivener overall and would like to share that with me here, I’d be grateful. Additionally, I am compiling to PDF, not Word or whatever. I have all my settings right except for this one.

Thanks in advance! Cheers! :open_mouth:

Scrivener should just use the fonts that are available to the system. It’s possible there is some kind of corruption among them. Try opening the application “Font Book” (it should be in your Applications folder) and validating the fonts (under the File menu in Font Book).


Yeah, I validated it. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. I can’t figure out what the problem really is. :frowning:

In the compile Print Settings, are you using Publishing or Proofing for the layout type? If the latter, try switching to Publishing–the compiler engine used for creating the more advanced layouts for Proofing unfortunately has some font issues, so that may be what you’re running into.