Font reverts to MS Shell Dlg when project is opened

All of my chapters are in courier font. I use Scrivener on OS X and Windows. When I open the project on my Windows machine, random segments of text revert to MS Shell Dlg font, and I have to manually change it back to Courier. It’s tedious to do this every time I open my project. Can this be fixed?

I have the same problem, also using it on both Mac and Windows. It seems to only happen to the text at the top of a segment, but boy it’s annoying.

The thread doesn’t answer the issue, but I thought I’d link them anyway…

Have any of you noticed this happening in the opposing direction? Do fonts get lost here and there when opening the project on the Mac after working on it in Windows? Also if anyone can manage to snag a copy of a project that reproduces it, and is willing to send it into a support for analysis that would be great. The easiest way to do this will be to make sure the automatic backup feature is set to create a zipped backup upon closing. When you notice the problem happen, the next time you are on the Mac, make a copy of that last .zip backup and extract the project on Windows, see if it opens with broken fonts. If it does, then send the .zip with notes on precisely which item & paragraph(s) to examine so that we can examine at them at the code level. Please reference this thread URL in your e-mail so that the tech support team can know what it is in reference to.


It does happen in the other direction too, albeit to different paragraphs in the document (See the thread linked above).

So I was able to “fix” this to a degree. I think the problem is that the font I was using on my mac doesn’t exist on my PC. I changed it to times new roman, a font that exists on both platforms, and am no longer having these issues.

I have mine set to Times New Roman, and it did it anyway. It’s always the first section of each document that ends up in MS Shell Dlg, and as soon as a word is in Italics, it goes back to Times New Roman. I’ve only noticed it in the Mac to Win direction, not the other way round.

I’m still having this problem, anyone found a fix? I’ve tried different fonts, doesn’t make any difference.

Yes, it get’s mighty irksom to continually reset fonts.
Not sure why the all the working around and not solving the issue.