Font select problem.

This is 2.9…9.9…9.9.9 Beta (1017023) and I only just started playing with it.
Fortunately it is mostly the same as ancient scriv, but was sort of getting tired of waiting and I have no intention of buying a mac.

For what it is worth, this is on a 4K screen but scaling is at 100% in the system. (because it’s a little big ^^;)
The usual laptop is an antique and I should probably try having the same one open on both and see what happens (that would rock ^^;)

In the Font selection thing, it seems that you can’t just click to open the selection like the others.
It will flash up with a ridiculous number of fonts, select one somewhere near the mouse pointer and close. You can change which font by moving the scriv window up and down the screen.

Mouse scroll works to an extent, I have no idea how many fonts there are, but on 4K at 100% at least 3 screens worth.
Screenshot 2020-09-13 100018.png

Are you using the HiDPI version? Is the list of fonts an accurate list of the fonts you have installed on that PC? It’s not repeating the same ones or anything? it should pop up in a reasonably sized menu listing the fonts, which you can then scroll down.

I am running RC10, Hi-DPI version on a 4k screen with Windows scaling set to 150% – font menu is working perfectly for me. Tried changing Windows (Version 2004, OS build 19041.508) to 100% – still perfect. So, perhaps try the hi-DPI version (if you’re not using it already)?