Font/Size in Compile

Is there a way to change font but not font size in compile?

Like many, I prefer to use one font for working and another for compiling. I know I can change the font when compiling, but doing so also forces all text so changed to have a uniform size, or at least so it seems. So if a doc has two or more sizes, this conversion eliminates that variety.

One can change font without altering whatever font sizes a document may have via Documents>Convert>Formatting To Default Text Style, by making the right choices in the dialogue that appears, so it seems that in principle it might be possible to do the same during compile. Is it?


Version 2.1, which will be out in the next fortnight or so, has exactly this feature:

Not only will it work for what you want to do, but it will also allow users to quickly change the font of compile formats such as the standard manuscript format without having to go through every Formatting option.

Until then, there’s not really a way of overriding the font face but not the size at compile time. I am hoping to make a public beta of 2.1 available next week though.

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