Font? [Size too large]

I am relatively new to Scrivener. Happy user but now everything in my latest project is shown in LARGE font. How to reset?

Is it the font size or a “zoomed” screen?

You say your platform is “MacOS” (i.e. Mac), but your version is “iPad” (iPadOS), so which is it?



I am using an Ipad - so not a Mac.

It is the font size. If it was zoomed then I guess everything woul be zoomed - which is not the case.

It’s difficult to work out what you’re seeing, due to contradictions in what you’re saying . :nerd_face:

Try these things while editing a document in the problem project:

  1. Using pinch gesture, try to zoom out the text to make it smaller.

  2. Tap a word, then select the Formatting Brush from Scrivener’s tool bar. What font & size does it say the word is?



Contradictions are among those things which makes life interesting. The first everything was meant to be all folders. The next everything was meant to be what is shown on the screen. The content in the Sidebar was small font while the text was in large font. I am writing «was» because your pinching advice solved the problem. Now i am aware pinch is an option. Maybe I should read the manual one day. Thank you!