Font stuck in font and size

The font in a document is stuck in a peculiar size, (-1) as opposed to Courier new 12. It seems that some old formatting from some text i did paste in from another source got stuck in the document. “Documents->Convert->Convert formatting to default text size” does work and reverts the text. Is this a bug or a feature?

Bug. Someone else reported this a couple betas ago on a paste from Gmail–do you happen to know your source of the paste or reproducible steps to get this issue? I haven’t been able to replicate it yet, so if you have a way of reliably triggering this, please let me know! We definitely do want to get it fixed.

Meanwhile, in addition to using the Convert feature after the fact as you did, Edit > Paste and Match Style might be another option for you–it will strip all formatting, so if you have bold, italics, etc. that you want to preserve, this won’t be what you want, but if it’s just the text that’s important, this will paste it as plain text and avoid any weird formatting coming in.

I just pasted in some of the text from this post and another website and both of them came in as pt -1. It doesn’t happen if I paste from Word.

My source was a note from Evernote and the original source was a webpage. From Evernote it was a copy & paste operation (Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v). I use Windows 7.

Paste and match style works.

I just tested another document and it is possible to replicate the bug using copy and paste with , I can send you the note (from Evernote) if you think that it may help you.