Font Substitution Issue


This is my first post here, though I’ve happily used Scrivener for Windows for several years and, recently, changed over to Scrivener 3 for Windows. I’m currently running Scrivener 3 for Windows, Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021.

One thing I have noted as I use Scrivener is an odd propensity for it to switch/substitute my fonts after saving and re-opening the project. I’ll attempt to explain in full detail in the following paragraphs to assist with any troubleshooting and bug-fixing.

Firstly, I’ll readily admit that I am a font-hoarder. I have, as of now, 2,194 fonts. While this does create a bit of lag in some programs–both Gimp and Scrivener take a few seconds to load all my fonts–this has never been an issue for me. I’ll gladly wait five to ten seconds if it means I have my full arsenal of fonts available to me for any reason. This may or may not have anything to do with the issue, but this is more for background’s sake.

The issue, as it occurs for me, is always upon opening up a project. My default text in the editor is Times New Roman, Regular, 12pt. I emphasize with italics, sometimes use bold for a strong text, and bold-italics for a strong emphasis. My default text in my notes section is Courier New, Regular, 12pt. However, upon saving and closing a project, and then opening that same project (no matter the time length involved), I often find that:

~“Times New Roman,” Regular text will be replaced with “Woman of the World 2,” Regular.
~“Times New Roman,” Italics text will be replaced with “Brain Damage 6,” Italics.
~“Courier New,” Regular text will be replaced with “Bear 2,” Bold-Italics.

There are probably other substitutions that will occur, but these are my main fonts that I use.

This is… very odd, as I have never used these fonts in Scrivener by choice. I can change the fonts back, continue typing, save the document, and upon reopening the project… all text–new or old–will be replaced with sometimes similar, sometimes very dissimilar fonts.

For more information: this affects both Notes, Synopsis, Manuscript, Front Matter, and any text outside of the Manuscript. For the Manuscript, this spans all text across all folder ands text entities. When I am working on a multiple-file manuscript upward of 20 chapters, let’s say… I’ll have to manually go into each scene in each chapter’s folder (and the text of the chapter’s folder) to re-edit the font.

I attempted a work-around by using Styles. I created a body style, a title style, notes style, and even heading 1 and heading 2 styles. My hope was that this would save the formatting in a formal, set style and be able to persist as a given style’s defined font. This… was not the case.

In the Notes section, it stripped the style completely, leaving the text’s altered font as ‘No Style.’ In the editor itself, my “style” now reads, ‘Body Text: TNR, Regular, 12pt’ (the title of my body style), and then the formatting bar reads, ‘Woman of the World 2’ (‘Brain Damage 6’ for italics), ‘Regular’ (‘Italic’ for the italics), and ‘12pt.’

This is true of old Scrivener files as well as new, so none of my projects are safe from this strange issue. I’ve simply resolved myself to a 5 - 20 minute consuming task at the embarking of any writing jaunt to carefully highlighting my text to change it back to what it was, file-by-file, chapter-by-chapter, notes-sections-by-notes-section.

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t… frustrating.

Furthermore, I should not here that I’ve set my default new file text (both for current document and all new projects) to Times New Roman, 12pt. And when I press ‘new text’ or ‘new folder,’ that text is automatically set with my TNR font (along with my appropriate A5-sized margins as I’ve saved in my preferences). So the file creation is appropriate at the time of using it and typing. Unfortunately, if I save the document, then re-open it, that newly created file is Woman of the World 2.

My last bit of information to assist with this issue is as follows: it does not affect compile. Now, when I say this, I mean if I change it to Times New Roman, then compile, then the file will compile itself as Times New Roman. If I merely open the file and compile, it will compile with Woman of the World 2 (with smatterings of Brain Damage 6, Italic). Compile simply takes whatever is there–in whatever font is there–and renders it out. So Compile is working properly, in this facet; I’m inclined to believe this is not a compile issue.

I don’t know if the information is being lost during save, or altered during opening. In my experience, it would likely be one of the two, but I’ve no means of testing that hypothesis. I’ve searched through the settings to see if there’s a font-substitution option.

I’ve finally just gotten fed up with it and decided to see if anyone has a fix to this issue. If anyone has had this issue or knows what it going on, what settings I can tweak, or if this is a genuine bug… well, any assistance would be muchly appreciated at this juncture.

Thank you for taking the time to look this over.

I ran into something similar. It’s changing my fonts to the same one at random that just happens to have characters I can’t read, so the text is garbled. I can’t figure out anything that I’m doing to cause the font to get lost. Are you opening the document on different computers?

Nope, it’s always been from a folder on my desktop PC. It’s not even a shared folder on DropBox, just a standard, non-shared folder in a windows sub-directory on a secondary drive (not the main C:\ where windows is installed)… so there’s no changes to the file system during Windows updates, nor changes from updates to DropBox.

But yeah… it’s always the same fonts it changes it to. I just recently had to do it again today. This time, it left my Times New Roman alone, thankfully, but it changed all my “Bookman Old Style” I used for the scenes (I’m using scene titles for a little ficlet idea), was changed to “Allman Bros. 2” (which doesn’t have spaces, so replaces those with that block []-shaped character until I change the font) in the main editor… and substituted my “Courier New” back to “Bear 2” in the notes section. That’s 11 different text documents I had to change scene title font and notes font back. Bugs my OCD too much to leave it as is.

But I know, the moment I save this file and close Scrivener, that it will do it again when I reopen it. So I compiled to a PDF before closing to save the body text–just in case this is the start of something more insidious and find my text wiped out one day, converted all to binary, replaced with those [] symbols, or something equally horrific.

It’s troublesome, and takes some time to fix, but thankfully in no way has impacted the actual text of my works.