font table

Since the default font is optima and I’m currently choosing a different font, I would like to leave the font table onscreen. Since I have a small screen, there isn’t much real estate. After using the font table, it remains in front of the Scrivener page. I want it to remain on the desktop as available, but would prefer it if a “move to the back” command were available.
Thanks for thinking about it …


Hi MSW44,

I’m afraid the font panel is an OS X palette, meaning that it has nothing to do with Scrivener and Scrivener has no control over it - you will see that other OS X programs such as TextEdit use it too. So there is no way of preventing it from staying in front. However, you can just hit cmd-T to call it up after closing it, which is a quicker way of doing things. Scrivener 2.0 will provide a quicker way, too.

All the best,