font type changed from "normal" to nothing.

I’m running Scrivner for windows Version: - 14 Nov 2019.
My first couple dozen words are font Courier New; Normal; 12; 1.0x.
After that all the words to the end of the document are font Courier New; [blank]; 12; 1.0x

Copying the text to Word and then back corrupts the right margin.

I cannot find where to show the formatting marks tp see where a formatting byte may have inserted.

Text in other folders and text are fine.

Any ideas?

I have screen shots that I tried to attach as a .png. but it did not work nor did the Img button on this message’s ribbon

See if Format> Options>Show Invisibles helps you find the problem.

I would think you can select all the text in the document, and then reset the formatting as you like via the selectors on the Format Toolbar.