Fonts and compile

Microsoft just forced me to ‘upgrade’ to Word 2016 (the subscription version). One good thing came out of the change: When I compile from Scriv to Word, the text actually comes out on Word the way it was on Scriv. In Word 2011, my compile using Times New Roman was read as TNR for words, but sans serif for quotes and diacriticals. Now, that doesn’t seem to happen. One of the things Microsoft inexplicably left out of Word 2016 was the option to embed fonts in the Word document (so, e.g., one could send a document from a Mac to an agent’s PC and have the intended fonts appear on the PC). Now, you have to use fonts that both PC and Mac recognize. Microsoft does not make it easy to figure this out, but a friendly professional on the Msoft user network provided a crossreference. I’ve extracted the universally compatible fonts on the attached page
Font crossreference.doc (218 KB)