Fonts and paragraph numbering

I am compiling a little grammar of Scots Gaelic, and for that purpose, I am trying to use a Celtic font, Seanchló GC. Trouble is, Scrivener keeps changing it to Helvetica. Also I am using paragraph numbering of the form 1. 1.1 1.2 2. 2.1, but the numbers get messed up in seemingly random ways. For instance, sometimes a gratuitous % appears. Sometimes where the paragraph should be numbered 2.3.3, it is instead numbered 4. I wouldn’t think these issues are related, except that the messed up paragraph numbers tend to appear in paragraphs that have the Seanchló GC font.

I’m not familiar with the font, but the trouble might be if it’s an older, bitmap-style font. Scrivener doesn’t currently support these, so it will change them on import, which sounds like what’s happening with yours switching to Helvetica. I haven’t seen anything like the numbering issue, but it could be related if the numbering is also picking up the Seanchló GC font–I’ll play around with this and see if I can reproduce it in other cases. Are you just using the list function to create this numbering?

I don’t know much about the font either. I’m no expert in these things. I just picked it up from a Google search for Celtic fonts. The numbering shouldn’t be in that font; I use it just for a word or phrase embedded in the text. Yes, I’m using the list function to create the numbering. Is there another way?