Fonts change cross platform prob?

My story, written in Windows, is written in specific text… and I keep notes within my story in different text and colors to designate inside notes, etc… but when I open it in IOS (iPad), all those fonts change… and when I reopen in Windows, they change yet again to other font formats. IOS tends to change my fonts and notes to Courier Text and others that doesn’t match what I have in Windows. Kinda screwy? How can I fix?


The bad news: iOS is part of the Apple Universe, and therefore doesn’t include the same fonts as Windows. Every time you open a document in iOS or on a Mac and the fonts you specify aren’t available, the Mac picks its default font for serif, san serif, or monospaced, depending on the font characteristics (BTW, the opposite is true as well–I’ve often had messed-up fonts on Windows in a doc I created on Mac or on iOS.) Then when you open in Windows again, your original font info is lost and Windows picks ITS closest default font… yuck.

The good news: You can add fonts to either iOS in general, or Scrivener in particular. Details are available in the iOS Knowledge base document “Using Fonts Across Platforms” at

Hope this helps!

Understood! Thanks! And for the helpful link too…!