Fonts changing themselves[BUG LOGGED]

Font and font sizes seem to be changing themselves on a whim.

  1. I created some subdocuments of a doc, and typed away in them.
  2. Font was Verdana, 10pt (by default - I didn’t change anything)
  3. I typed away in a few more
  4. Some subdocs decided to be in MS Shell Dlg 2, 8pt (instead of Verdana) - again, I didn’t change anything
  5. I clicked around a little
  6. When I returned to the subdocs, I noticed that the ones in Verdana had now shrunk to 8pt size (although the font had remained the same)
  7. I typed some random words into another doc, closed Scrivener, reopened it
  8. The words I’d typed had shrunk from Verdana, 10pt to Verdana, 8pt

I would expect…

  • All text to be created in the same (default) font, unless I specify otherwise
  • Font to… stay the same size as it was, not be the Incredible Shrinking Font XD

Windows XP, Service pack 3 (with all recent updates)
Dell inspiron mini 1012, intel atom processor, 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM

…and now I think I’m done with my bugs!! 8)

I think this is actually related to this bug thread:
Apologies I didn’t see it in the search before I posted afresh. But I hope this info is helpful anyway.