I’m using Scrivener 3 latest beta. This issue was on my mind for a while. That the fonts is looking so damaged. How can I say this I don’t know. Even if I find the so many fonts, all of them not the same with their looks in the selection screen. I couldn’t understand precisely the problem. Is it the page or the fonts are broken completely. Because, in google fonts and other websites about writing, etc… there’s not such issue.

This thing about fonts, keep me out of the app constantly because it’s not looking beautiful that I wanted it to be:(

I added two files right below. Looking at them, It’s obvious.

However, when I upload here, the scrivener’s font looks more nice. But when I’m in the app, it gets deteriorated somehow.

Which version of the Beta are you using? HiDpi or Low? 32 Bit or 64 Bit? I think more system information too would help the devs.

By the way, as this concerns the Beta, the Beta Testing forum where the devs are more likely to see it.



I’m using candidate 15. 64 Bit. HiDpi? how can I see it in my pc? Additionally, fonts issue has been nearly for a long time was like that.

HiDpi: %125 - 1920.1080

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier … otherwise engaged. As I’m a Mac user and currently don’t even have access to a Windows version under a VM, I can’t really help further. Over time there have been a number of threads concerning font issues on Windows—both in the 1.9 “stable” version and the Betas—so you could do a trawl through the forums.

But I hope a Windows user will come along soon to help.



No problem. Thank you for your advice. Healthy days. :slight_smile: