Footer and Margin

I’ve got a multi-file document and I am creating a pdf from File>Compile>Print. The pdf looks great, but when I print the pdf file, the footer get’s cut in half by my printer. (The bottom half lies outside my printer bottom margin.)

In preferences, Top and Bottom margin is set to 44 px, but that only seems to effect the editor’s view of the document.

I found that File>Page Setup>Settings>Scrivener>Margins is the place to adjust this margin, but in order to get the footer to appear on paper, I had to set the bottom margin to 1.2 inches, whereas I usually get away with setting the bottom margin to 0.60 inches. I think the actual printer margin is like 0.53".

I bring this up because it took some trial and error to get the setting right, and the behavior was a little unpredictable: If I set bottom margin to zero, sure enough the pdf shows the footer lying on the bottom edge of the page, cut in half. If I set the bottom margin to 0.6", I get an actual bottom margin of about half that. If I set the margin to 1.2, I get the 0.53" margin.

It seems like Sc is halving the margin setting, or subtracting the preference value, or subtracting the default value, or else I’m neglecting something. What is the proper procedure for setting the bottom margin so that nothing gets chopped off by the printer, short of trial and error? Perhaps it is just a squirrel in my machine.

Thanks always for a fantastic application,



I have heard of this happening on the occasional printer. Basically you are right that Scrivener places the header or footer about halfway down the top vertical margin, so it can depend on the printer’s printable borders. Looking into this, I just found a method in the Cocoa documentation that seems to return the actual printable area rather than just the page size, which I had missed before, so I will look into using this to improve this in the future.

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