Footer bar disappeared [BUG LOGGED]

while following with the tutorial, it promted me to open the pdf file. I did so but my footer bar disappeared. It has no controls to switch pages.Switched back to step 3 document and the footer bar was back. I am using Windows 7.

Hope that helps.

Let me know if I missed something. thanks.

ohhh, it shows if I split the screen vertically.

I’m getting the same result with PDFs. That was working before, so looks like a new problem. No biggie though, just use the PageUp and PageDown keys to do what those arrows provide.

I’m running Vista, and I had a similar problem. However on my installation the ‘footer’ as mentioned in step 3 is showing up below ‘Header Bar’ when viewing the PDF file:

i also get the header bar side switch option not the footer bar. Works just fine, just not a footer bar.

This is a typo in the tutorial and has been corrected. There is no footer bar for PDF in Windows currently. Thanks for picking this up.