Footer bug in 1024*600 resolution [BUG LOGGED]

I presume this pertains specifically to Netbooks.

This is going to sound very weird, predominantly cause I doubt Scrivener was ever designed for Netbooks, but here goes.

In 1024*600 (Netbook default) Resolution [Editor mode]:

  1. Close the Info bar (right hand side bar).
  2. Unminimize Scrivener.

At the bottom of the screen, you should see the bar telling you your word count and character count.

  1. Click on the Infobar.

You will notice that the footer bar will disappear. poof

Now, I’m guessing that because the “Info bar” is set at a particular height in an “unminimized” mode, it overshoots what can be displayed on a 1024*600 resolution, and hence the footer disappears.

Additionally, you will be unable to resize the unminimized Scrivener window. It just wouldn’t allow it. I couldn’t, for the love of me, find a way to change the height of the Info bar when in this mode.

For the liberty of testing this, I expanded my resolution to 1024*768, and sure enough, I could see the footer bar at the bottom of the window, but I still could not change the window size.

  1. If you close the info bar and try to move the window around, the footer bar will come back.

As a proof of concept, here’s a video:

(Yes, it is Windows XP. I simply tweaked things to get it to look like that cause working in a small resolution doesn’t do good for easy access to files :smiley:)

Shouldn’t this be in the ‘Scrivener for OS X’ forum? :slight_smile:


… or does it happen in the windows version too?


It’s a windows installation.

Keen eyed observers would note that the window buttons are visible on the top, and not the typical finder bar. :slight_smile:

Not weird at all.

We did in fact consider netbook seriously and have tried to optimise screens, dialogs etc. Accordingly.

I have logged this as a bug for us to fix.
Thanks for the feedback

Well there’s the problem right there! After having been up all (literally) all night playing with the new Scriv on both Win and Mac, my peepers are anything but keen!



Suggestion for a psuedo fix: Make it such that the Inspector panel (Info-bar) doesn’t have a set height to make it possible to resize the height of the program.

I did not experience these issues in Maximised mode.

@ Eddy: It’s ok. hugs