Footer's horizontal alignment is off

Hello all,

Compiling a PDF for paperback using Scrivener 3 for Mac. I wanted page numbers to appear in the footer in alternating corners. In the lower righthand corner of righthand pages, and the lower lefthand corner on facing pages.

This works as far as it goes, but I have a problem. Page numbers on the righthand page align properly with the page’s right margin. However, on the lefthand pages, the page number is being indented instead of aligning with the lefthand margin.

There are no extraneous spaces in the field for the left end of the footer.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve searched these forums, but I’ve come up empty handed.


If you click the Preview button in the top right corner of the Page Settings compile format pane, you should see the page numbers line up flush with the margin page guides. Does that appear to be the case? If so what happens if you try using the Format on the interactive tutorial project, with all Section Types set to the “As-Is” layout, to rule out any other variables?

I just ran a quick test on a blank project that I had dumped some stock plain-text lorem ipsum into, then created a new format from scratch and changed nothing about it save for setting the facing pages option and setting up offset page number footers. It looks flush with the body text to me.

The sample project.