Footnote Compile Spacing problem to *.docx

Compiling in Scrivener 3. My footnotes, typed in Scrivener in single-spacing, keep coming out in Word as double-spaced. There’s only a compile setting to indent/not indent and to override font/not override font. How do I ensure that these footnotes compile as single-spaced only. (Even if I compile them as end notes, they are still double-spaced). What gives? (yes, my main text is double-spaced).

Could that be a thing of Word reformatting ?
Here is a simple test :
Compile the same way but to PDF instead, and then see how it looks in your web browser afterward.

If your footnotes are still double spaced, then you’ll know for sure it is a setting in Scrivener that needs to be adjusted.
(Which one tho, that’s a thing I don’t know.)

Thanks Vincent for the response. That was a good suggestion to remember for the future, although it showed it was not Word reformatting. When I compiled to the PDF instead, the footnotes were still double-spaced.

I’ve tried creating a Scrivener style for footnotes that is single-spaced. I’ve tried going into the project settings and looking for a footnote spacing option, before it even gets to compiled. I’ve tried creating a footnote style and making sure the style is IN the compile list of Styles. No go. I can NOT figure out what is going on here.

I don’t think that footnotes are intended to have a style assigned. They should be here :
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Is this how you did it ?

2022-02-20 20_20_04-Window

Thanks for keeping at this with me. Yes, assigning them with the CF function is how I did it. I’ve used Scrivener extensively, and I really thought that this worked before. And, yes, let’s say for the sake of argument that there’s no footnote style – it didn’t make a difference anyway, so I deleted the “special footnote” style.

You are correct that if I use a PDF, that option to use single spacing is available in the Footnotes Compile Option. The problem is that it’s NOT in the Footnotes compile Option for Word, and I need to compile to Word. I need to compile to Word repeatedly, as I edit the text, and I need to watch page length and have the footnotes be at the bottom of the page. So I can’t just send it to word and change to single spacing in Word. I can’t just send it to PDF and then convert the PDF to Word.

How about this ?

First option.

I got it to work. I don’t know how. I made sure all those boxes in the Compile Format Designer were unchecked. Somehow check and unchecking the Flatten box seems to have “reset” something. Anyway, thank you! Something we did together worked and solved my three hours of frustration.

Really needs to be in the documentation. Thank you!