Footnote count?

Does anyone know how to count the number of footnotes in selected documents, please?

Thank you!

I don’t know an in-house way to do that, but here is a pretty quick way:

With your chosen documents selected and Scrivenings group mode on, choose Print (cmd-P). In the print dialog box, choose PDF > Open PDF in Preview. In Preview, hit the End button to jump to the last page and look at the number on the last footnote there. Voila!


The footnote numbers are only calculated during compile, so if you use inspector footnotes, provided you haven’t turned it off in Format --> Options, following a compile in the inspector your footnotes should be numbered, rather than having a generic marker. so following a compile you should be able to open the last footnoted document in the draft and look at the last footnote to see its number. What I wonder is — though I’ve never tried this since generally such statistics are irrelevant to my use of Scrivener — whether calling up Project Statistics, which does a background compile, would update the numbering in the inspector footnotes at the same time.

Just a thought.

Mr X