Footnote formatting 2

Hey there. I am new to Scrivener and am struggling with the formatting of the footnotes. Two questions: How do I define the standard style for footnotes? And how do I change the style of all the footnotes in a document at once?

Footnote formatting is not something you have to worry about while writing, and there are no settings anywhere for changing that, until you get into output in the compiler. That’s why you aren’t finding anything, I suppose!

You’ll find everything we have available by following this procedure:

  1. Open File ▸ Compile...
  2. Double-click on the highlighted Format, in the left sidebar, that is being used to describe how the document looks, including details like footnote presentation. Duplicate it if requested.
  3. You’ll find a pane in the left sidebar for comments and footnotes.

Note that formats describe how any project’s text might look. So there are settings for both endnotes and footnotes if the file type you are using supports that notion. Whether the project actually uses either is set up back in the general options tab, once you save your format settings. Click the little gear tab on the right side of the overview area to find the checkboxes (by default it uses end of page notes, so if that is all you want you can skip that).