Footnote Mismatch Error

My book has about 300 footnotes. When I compile to ePub, the attached error appears within the ePub book, at the beginning of the footnotes section (no error appears during the Compile process). The footnotes do appear at the end of the ePub book, but their formatting (indents, line wrap) is all messed up.

When I compile to PDF, no error appears - all the footnotes appear at the end of the book as expected, nicely formatted by Scrivener.

Does anyone know how to problem solve this?

FYI that I am using the standard footnote functionality in Scrivener (Format > Footnote to add a footnote, auto numbering by Scrivener). No special HTML, links or anything like that. Thx

An update. I went into Compile > Footnotes & Comments, and I selected / deselected each configuration setting one at a time, compiling a new ePUB after each change. I’m now able to confirm that the “Override font” checkbox is the culprit. With it checked, the footnote error occurs. With it unchecked, the footnotes come out fine. Maybe it’s a software bug …

Could you please attach or email us a sample project that shows the bug so that we can see what is going on?