Footnote numbering before compile

Is there any way to display footnote numbering in the inspector, while working on the document? I’m working on a law review paper now, with lots of “infra” and “supra” to earlier or later footnotes within the same document.

Right now I have to export the document to Word, look for all the supra/infra references, and enter them manually.

Also, with each footnote addition (e.g., for a revision) I have to go back through the entire document and do this again, making sure that the infras/supras have been updated. If would be great if there was a way that this could be automated, so that with each revision or footnote addition I didn’t have to go back through the entire document. For example, if I could link to another footnote number within a footnote, that would be a dream…

I’m afraid there’s no real way to do this, because Scrivener has no idea what the footnote numbers will be until the document is compiled. This is because you can choose to exclude certain documents, and you can also set the Compile settings to remove footnotes, or treat inline and Inspector footnotes differently, and so on. There are so many factors that in order to update the footnotes, Scrivener would essentially have to be compiling all of the time in the background to work out the numbers.

There is a feature - Format > Options > Show Compiled Footnote Numbers in Inspector - that allows you to see the numbers as they were the last time the document was compiled, but it doesn’t sound as though that would be of much help to you, unfortunately.

I will think about a way of linking to footnote numbers, though (that is, some form of placeholder that could be converted to the footnote number during Compile).

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Just curious: did any way of linking one footnote to another ever find its way into Scrivener? Thx, k