Footnote placement in chapter

Is there a way to control the placement of footnotes? In particular I like them to show up at the end of whatever chapter I’m in. I see issues with sub-documents and the like, but anyway what can I do other than let them accrue clear down at the end?

I’m presently using an edited Manuscript (Courier) in markdown export mode.


please forgive this bump but it would be really helpful to know if i can get footnotes inside chapters instead of at end of whole document, which is all i’ve learned so far.

I don’t think it’s possible directly through compiling in Scrivener. To do this, I compile with endnotes, then open the RTF in Nisus Writer Pro, put in appropriate section breaks and tell NWP to put the endnotes at the end of the relevant sections. Also, bear in mind, iOS is somewhat restricted in terms of what is possible, Compile, for one thing, being unlikely to have anything like the scope of the Mac version.

Also, I’m not using MMD, and don’t know how you’d go from there. Perhaps Ioa, Mr Gruff or some other MMD guru will come along. But I’d suggest that since you’re using MMD, you’d probably get a better response if you posted such questions in the MMD forum rather than the iOS forum.

I just hope you’re not expecting too much from Scrivener for iOS; it can never have the scope of the desktop versions.