Footnotes and Comments in iOS?

Is there a way to view and edit footnotes and main text in the iOS version (i.e. an inspector function)? I am an academic historian and multi-year user of the Mac version of Scrivener, exploring the iOS software for the first time. I am looking to transfer much of my workflow over to an iPad Pro M2 (which connects to an external monitor and allows more significant multitasking). My current book project has hundreds of footnotes, and it is crucial to be be able to toggle between them and do heavy editing in the footnotes. My university technically owns my Mac, which I still plan to use, but I worry about being able to use Scrivener on university machines as IT security and procurement becomes more locked down re: bespoke software. If Scrivener iOS does not have a way to show footnotes easily, does anyone have a solution to do effective academic footnoting on iOS?

Scrivener iOS does have an inspector, triggered by clicking on the little ā€œiā€ icon at the top of each document. It only shows document notes, label, synopsis, status, settings though, not any footnotes or annotations. You can see each individual annotation or comment by just clicking on the appropriate highlighted text in the document itself. The linked footnote or annotation will then pop up in a little box on top of the document text, where you can then edit away.