Footnotes at bottom of page

I’ve been searching more than an hour (including reading 15 pages of the manual) and cannot find a definitive answer to how to ensure my footnotes actually appear as footnotes (on the bottom of the page) when compiled for my editor (and eventually for the layout editor) rather than as endnotes. Every text I read talks about footnotes being compiled as endnotes.

I want to use these footnotes as short asides (anything in this post that’s in parentheses would be an example) or a bit of clarification/information to a point that doesn’t necessarily fit in the stream of the narrative. (It would be silly in these cases to have my reader flip to a page in the back, disrupting their flow/enjoyment.)

I’m attaching an image from a book that executes this the way I want.


Here’s another example, one of the full page with two footnotes. Sorry for the size.

Have you tried compiling as .rtf or .docx? Check in the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane, that is where all of this stuff is set up. It’s worth mentioning that not every word processor can display footnotes. If you are were compiling as RTF already, but it was opening in Apple’s default TextEdit program, you wouldn’t have any luck finding them.

It compiled them as endnotes. :frowning:

I exported as docx and opened with Pages. Attached is a screenshot of my settings on compilation.

Now that I see it, I fixed it. Wow. Thank you. I didn’t even know where those settings were. I REALLY appreciate your help. I’m relieved and comforted knowing that I’m doing this right. :slight_smile: