Footnotes at the end of a chapter instead of bottom of page

How to make DOCX accepts the settings of appending footnotes at the end of a chapter (i.e., before separator page break)?

I tried the PDF settings, and there, I set to change footnote to end note in the general settings in the compiler. Then I edited the settings of my template, where I set that end notes should be placed before page break. This worked fine. All footnotes are placed at the end of my chapters and the numbers always restart from 1, 2, 3, … at the beginning of each chapter.

However, for DOCX, footnotes are formerly placed as end notes, you can’t change that. Ok, since that is what I want. But then when I go to settings and set the same “place end note before page break”, or actually try other options, it always places all notes at the end of the book.

As I will have many footnotes along my chapters, so I really need them placed after each chapter.

Any help? Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

I really need this in DOCX to be able to import to another editor before printing. :confused:

You say it works for a PDF.
What if you compile to RTF and open that in Word
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Are you on Windows, Mac or both. You started a thread on a related question which you put in the MacOS forum:

I have given you an answer there, but on Compiling you can set either inspector or inline footnotes to be compiled as endnotes. I compile to RTF, and endnotes are compiled at the end of the document. I cannot believe that in Word it is impossible to change them to be placed at the end of sections, but as I say in the other thread, you’ll probably need to replace the page breaks before your chapters with “Section breaks next page” or whatever terminology Word uses.