Footnotes, can I edit text there??

I have problems with footnotes.

  1. Can I edit (i.e. change font) of ALL footnotes at one time?
  2. Why can’t I edit footnotes the way I edit rest of text? For instance, when I past citation from Mendeley it automatically create indent that I cannot remove in footnote section.
    Can anybody help here?
    kind regards

Footnote editing is necessarily simpler than the full text editor. It probably wouldn’t be feasible, in terms of system resources, to have potentially hundreds of little full-blown text editors in little boxes like that. So they do offer only a subset of formatting tools, and you’ll need to work accordingly. Here are a few tips:

  • To reset footnote formatting to default, select them all, right-click, and use the “Convert to Default Formatting” contextual menu command. This uses the settings established in the Editing: Formatting preference pane, within the “Comments & Footnotes” section toward the bottom.
  • Best practices for avoiding weirdness in general is to use Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style (⇧⌥⌘V) to paste.

And for those cases where you do need complex formatting inside a footnote, you’ll be better off using inline footnotes, where the text of the footnote is worked on directly in the main editor, and you have all tools available to you.

Thank you but it doesn’t help. Match style removes italic and so on which is essential for footnotes. I just wanted to cmd+A and change font :slight_smile: thats all.