Footnotes created in Scrivener not showing up in Pages

When I use “compile draft” to make a Word doc from a draft with footnotes, then open that doc in Pages, the footnotes completely disappear. The footnotes show up when I open the same .doc file in Word. I have tried saving the Word file with footnotes, and then re-opening it in Pages, and the footnotes disappear again. This only affects files originally created in Scrivener, not those created in Word, where the footnotes do show up in Pages. Can anyone help with this?

Scrivener’s .doc export is currently an RTF file with an altered creator code — as is Nisus’ and probably others — and Pages can’t read footnotes in RTF files because they are not part of the Apple RTF export format, they are the result of much hard work by Keith, the people at Nisus and others.
If you want to use Pages, I would advise you to to export as RTF from Scrivener, open that in Word or NeoOffice/OpenOffice and resave it as a .doc from there. Since it’s not working for you at the moment, I guess the underlying format when you save from Word is still RTF. Doing it my way you will be creating an entirely new file in proper binary .doc format.
It should work, but I haven’t tried, as I use Nisus Writer Pro which handles the footnotes OK.I have Pages but never use it … well hardly ever. But if you have to go via Word, why not just do whatever’s necessary in that, rather than creating an extra stage for yourself?


Thank you, Mark, the footnotes work as you say they would. I have been trying to switch from Word to Pages as my final word processor since the latter is compatible with the comments feature in Word, and I need that to work with publishers (as far as I can tell, Nisus doesn’t have that feature). I just find Pages much “cleaner” to use than Word, with a better interface. It does make for a bit of a long way round having to go through Word though!


My pleasure. And you are right, the current version of Nisus doesn’t do “Track changes” like Word, but rumour has it that the next version may have “Comments”. I also agree with you about the Pages interface in comparison with Word.
I haven’t used Word since MacOS-9 days, but for some purposes need to use NeoOffice. The interface is so un-Mac-like but it works in most things. The Aqua-beta of 3 looks better but is still not very Mac-like, and it loads faster, but there are still some issues with it.