Footnotes Exporting as Blue Hyperlinks--Beta 20

I’m posting in technical support instead of in the beta forum because I’m not sure if this is PEBCAK or a bug,. I’m using the Windows 3.0 beta Whether I choose Word or RTF to compile, my footnotes all export as blue underlined hyperlinks in the document. Although I’ve now figured out that I can just select all and remove color and remove underline, this is still sort of a pain and as someone who’s used Scrivener for many academic, heavily-footnoted things in the past, I’m not sure what’s happening.

Can anyone point me toward a setting that I’ve missed, if that’s the case? Am I the only one who experiences this issue?

Info that might be relevant: this project was recently SaveAs-ed, so it is a new version of a project that I previously exported just fine. This is why I think I must have overlooked a setting somewhere.

I’m interested in this topic, as well. I’m using Scrivener for a dissertation, and I have hundreds of footnotes per chapter. The hyperlinks are an annoyance to remove when I export each chapter. Anybody have ideas about this?