Footnotes - How to Format

I want to compile my footnotes in Word but need to ensure that the Footnotes are formatted in the right way.

When I try to compile the first line of each footnotes is intended.

Can anyone help please?

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Double click your compile format (left side of the compiler panel), and uncheck this option:


Many thanks.

My only outstanding question which relates to indentation is the preservation of the font. Would you be able to point me to where I set the footnote style. When I copy the footnote over from Bookends the italicising of the Book title is removed and I seem to have an inconsistent font. Essentially I want to comply with the MHRA style guide for humanities essays.

You can uniformize your footnotes’ font at compile using the first option (“Override font” / same screenshot).

I take it you get different footnote’s font in your project from having copied them from somewhere else.
Either, don’t worry about it and use the option I mentioned above, or use Paste and Match Style when pasting them into your project. (That will strip them of their previous formatting and have them match your project’s.)

About that I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t think it should happen, unless stripping the footnote of its formatting, the way I explained above.
The only thing that comes to my mind is that perhaps that other software has an unconventional/unrecognized way of coding the italic attribute. (That’s a big “??”)

Thanks. I will give it a go

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Can I ask, what do you mean by “copying the footnote over from Bookends”? The normal process is Cmd-Y in Scrivener to take you to Bookends; select your reference in Bookends library; Cmd-Y takes you back to Scrivener and pastes a temporary cite-code at the cursor point. When you have compiled, you scan your document either with Bookends or from within your word processor, and that converts the temporary citation into a full citation and generates the Bibliography.

That said, it is possible to copy the full reference in Bookends (if shown —Cmd-E) and paste it into an inline, or an Inspector footnote, but if you go that way you’re going to have to construct the Bibliography yourself.

In my testing, pasting the full reference in preserves the italics, so are you using Paste and Match Style by any chance, as that will remove the italics?


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Thanks for the guidance.

For some reason when I use the suggested selection from Bookends I don’t end up with a superscript number, I get a partial footnote in the text (as well as a footnote at the bottom of the page.

The other issue I have with the method is that I cannot find a way to show a sub set of the footnote when I have repeated references without some manual manipulation.

Hence my more manual approach. I will keep experimenting because I am sure it can’t be that difficult to organise footnotes.

I should add that I need to experiment with the Compile Format Designer as suggested by Vincent