Footnotes inside and outside punctuation on export

I have Scrivener installed on 3 separate Mac computers, and apparently on one of them the setting “Terminate footnotes and comments before punctuation” was checked. So my footnotes are all screwy–some inside and some outside. I changed the formatting preferences, highlighted all the footnotes, and applied default format, but this had no effect. Then I manually deleted and recreated (130!!) footnotes on the machine with the proper settings on a single machine and exported to .docx. Most of them are on the outside, but some (20) are still on the inside! What gives/please help. At the very least, shouldn’t checking and unchecking that box in default preferences have an effect when default formatting is applied to all footnotes?

That settings controls how Scrivener guesses at the placement when you initially create the linked footnote. Once you have selected a range of characters and added a footnote to that highlighted range, Scrivener will never mess with it, because it can’t know if what you are doing is intentional or not.

There is one way to attempt a batch reset, and that is to temporarily convert the linked inspector footnotes to inline, using the Format/Convert/ sub-menu, then just convert them back to linked footnotes using the inverse command in that same menu. This will once again cause Scrivener to guess at the highlight range, using the setting in Preferences, and hopefully get them all right. You should proof the sections that are changed this way to make sure everything ended up where it should.

Yikes! That’s the long way of doing it, sorry you went through all of that trouble. For future reference, all you have to do is drag and drop the footnote from the Inspector pane to another word in the text editor, and then back to where it should go. You can also manually select a highlight range and then drop an existing footnote on to that, if you wish to be more precise.