Footnotes - Kindle App on iPad vs Mac

I just noticed that footnotes seem to work differently on the Kindle app for Mac than they do on the app for iPad. What I’m doing is writing for Kindle in my Mac, testing the .mobi file out there, and then emailing that to myself so I can open the .mobi file attachment on my iPad and see it there. On my Mac, when I click on a footnote number, the app goes to the Notes page and puts the page view such that the referenced footnote is at the top of the page. But on my iPad, when I click on the footnote number, nothing happens. The footnote is created on the Notes page correctly, but the footnote number in the mainline text doesn’t seem to be “live”. Any thoughts about why this is different?

Also, the footnote numbers reset to start at 1 for every chapter. This is a little confusing, since when the display shifts to the Notes page, there might be multiple footnotes numbered as 1. Even though they’re in different chapters, it’s still a little confusing. How do I get the footnote number to not reset to 1 for every chapter? I’d like to have them run consecutively across chapters.

And, as a thought for the future, it would be nice if the user could hover the cursor over the footnote number in the mainline text and have a bubble pop up with the footnote content in it, instead of having to switch to the Notes page and then switch back again. I’m not sure what the usage semantics would be for a touch device like an iPad, though.

And here’s what may be a little bug - when I created my first footnote, the last part of it was truncated and not displayed on the Notes page. I fiddled around with it for a while, and couldn’t get the entire footnote to be displayed. Then, I changed the title of the Notes page, and the entire footnote showed up. Weird.

Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure why this would be different on the iPad - if it’s working on the Mac, then it sounds as though there may be a bug in Kindle for iPad whereby it’s not picking up the links correctly.

It’s not possible to make the footnotes popups as far as I know, as that is not part of the Kindle file specification (unless that is something that has been added). The internals of Kindle files are simple HTML, but not all HTML is supported.

If you can get the footnote bug to occur again (whereby it gets truncated), could you please send us a sample project showing the issue so that I can take a look?

Thanks and all the best,