Footnotes numbering

I apologize if this item has been already mentioned earlier in the forum (I couldn’t find it, though).

How does one chose the numbering system for the footnotes, i.e. start from the beginning on every new page, or every chapter?

As it is, it seems to be only one numbering system in place which is to count from the first to the last footnote. Again, I have thoroughly gone through the manual without finding the answer.

Thanks in advance for your tips.

During compile…

Footnote Numbering.pdf (63.5 KB)

Many thanks. It looks that the only two possibilities are a continuous numbering from 1 to the end of the book or restarting the numbering on every page, but not restarting the numbering for each chapter…

That depends on the compile format:

So, for print and PDF, numbering will be reset for each chapter if the chapters are delineated by page/section breaks. I am not at a Mac now to test this out, but perhaps word processors (depending on the one used) can dynamically renumber footnotes by section breaks.

The manual also says:

I can’t see the dropdown menu right now, but perhaps that has a setting to determine how and when footnotes are reset (per page or per chapter). The first quote from the manual says “can be” when talking about footnote numbering starting on each page of a word-processed document. That implies, I think, possibility rather than restriction, so perhaps a setting just needs to be tweaked to get the output you want. Will look when I am back at a Mac, or perhaps someone else can answer this for you in the meantime.

It seems that when compiling to a word-processor format, footnote numbering is dynamic.

For example, if you open a compiled .docx file in Pages, it is possible to change the footnote numbering scheme to continuous, each page, or each section (see image below, taken from Pages).

So if you want footnotes to work on a chapter level for a word-processor document, run the compile and then change the numbering system as required.

Scrivener, it seems, can do continuous or each-page numbering for word-processor documents, but not each chapter/each section numbering.

Dynamic Footnotes.jpg

The option restarts at each section does not appear on my screan. Only the other two.

Using Pages 7.1?

No, sorry. I thought the option was in Scrivener.
I’m using Word 2016 for Mac and I know the option exists, but I would have to create manually sections in the Word document after compiling but I thought it would be great if it could be made in Scrivener itself.

Does Word allow a search for page break and replace with section break? Would be simple enough.

Don’t know why Scrivener can’t do it. Unless it can, and I have erred, which is entirely possible.

Word can do that. But Scrivener can also restart numbering on each new page. What I haven’t found (yet?) is how, in Scrivener, restart the numbering for each chapter/section. But, yes, I can do it manually in Word.
Thanks for your time.

No, this isn’t true. Scrivener has two options:

  1. Numbering is continuous throughout the document.
  2. Numbering restarts with each chapter or section.

What Scrivener doesn’t have is the ability for footnote numbering to restart on each page (this is more difficult given the layout algorithms).

To get footnote numbering to restart with each chapter, you tick “Footnote numbering restarts after page breaks” in the “Footnotes & Comments” options when editing or creating a Compile Format. Note the term page breaks. This does not mean on each new page - it means that footnote numbering will restart whenever there is an explicit page break (that is, a forced page break, such as is used to start a new chapter or section).

Thank you, Keith.

Actually, I just tried and if I export on pdf, the numbering restarts at each section, but on Word, it restarts on each page!

Ah, okay, I see what you mean - Scrivener doesn’t currently have an option for restarting footnote numbering with each section for Word and RTF formats. I have added that for 3.0.4.

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