Footnotes stuck as endnotes in Paper (APA) template; toggling doesn't work

Hi All

In the Paper (APA) Template, the Compile setting for toggling the location of footnotes (either at bottom of page, or end of document; see image below) does not work. Footnotes always appear at the end of the document. In the ‘Compile Format Designer’ area, under “Footnotes and Comments” there is a note that seems to suggest that this is a baked-in feature of this particular format. Also, none of the options there, while somewhat promising, change the location either.

But the APA Style guide, 6th Edition, does not specify that footnotes can only appear at the end of a document:

Is there some other way to control this feature? It is problematic because the Word tool to interconvert endnotes/footnotes doesn’t recognise those created within this particular format (it does for others, e.g. footnotes created via the Blank template).

If indeed there has been locking-in of certain features in the Paper (APA) format, this also makes me curious as to what other ‘restrictions’ there might be. Im using the Paper template as a starting point for a Thesis template (hence the plethora of related questions), but it might have been better to start from scratch, perhaps with the Blank template??