Footnotes when working on word after Scrivener

Hi there,

At the moment my preferred workflow is to write on Scrivener, and cross the tts in Word. A massive but is that once I have the Scrivener text in Word the footnotes get a bit mixed up. For example, if I add a new one, the numbering starts anew.

Any hints to avoid this? I dread to think what will happen if I write my PhD on Scrivener and later transfer to Word and have thousands of notes to fix.

Other than this, great software, I love it!



This will happen if you compile to DOCX using the default converter; it uses fixed auto-numbering, so the numbers won’t update when you’re editing in Word. You can fix it following the steps in this knowledge base article, and in the future you can avoid it by switching the compiler or compiling to RTF (which can also be opened in Word).