For the Binder "Search In All" feature what order are the results based on?

Whenever I use the “search in all” search feature, it seems that it searches all but emphasizes text not title. Is there a specific hierarchy for the order of the results?

I think it would be more useful if there is a hierarchy e.g., the top are when the text is in the title, then in text, then in synopsis/notes, and finally, metadata (or something like this).

I have a mac, but I assume it’s the same for windows. The search results can be sorted by date, name (ascending or descending) or binder order.

It is the same in windows.

I meant if you use the “search in all”. In the binder search option, you can search in title, text, notes, synopsis, etc, or search in all. So if you search for the word “apple”, it will look for “apple” in document title, the contents, synopsis, notes, and so on. However, I am unsure about what the hierarchy of results are for the search in all is.

So if there is “apple” in a document in the title “Apples” and then “apple” in a document titled “fruits” text and “apple” in a document synopsis, what order would the documents display in the search results?

The location of the search term is irrelevant. Search results can be ordered by date, document name, or in Binder order.

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though search results in the comments and notes sections of the inspector are not highlighted like in text.