For your delectation …

For all you writers here who want something slightly different when procrastinating …

Mark Crick wrote a great little book called Kafka’s Soup “A Complete History of Literature in 17 Recipes”, written in different author’s styles, all the way from Homer (not Simpson! :smiley: ) to Steinbeck and Raymond Chandler.

But as an immediate taster, if you can’t lay your hands on the book quickly, the website:

in “Listen” has recordings of Mark Crick reading Miso Soup à la Franz Kafka and Tiramisú à la Marcel Proust, and the actress Annie Sedgwick reading Tarragon Eggs à la Jane Austen. Have a listen, they’re great fun.

Non-disclaimer — the website is that of my wife and a friend of hers, and I do have a hand in it … but absolutely minimal in this instance. :slight_smile:

Mr X

PS: Mark Crick has written similar volumes on gardening, DIY, etc., but neither of us have read any of them.


Truly. Just spent a delightful half hour on board.

Delicious looking Chicken Curry recipe, too. :smiley:

Congrats to the good lady wife, young Mark.

Take care

Great fun, indeed! Thank you.