Force Scrivener to use a particular dictionary?

I write a lot in Catalan and Spanish. There seems to be no way of forcing Scrivener to spell check using a particular dictionary for a project. What I mean is, obviously, I can do this manually (Spelling and grammar …) but I’d like to be able to set one dictionary to be used with a project as the default dictionary and have Scrivener do its automatic spell checking based on that.

It’s a pain having to go back and manually check text I’ve already revised when I reopen a project (even when that was the project last used).

Can anyone suggest a way?

Not my field, but I don’t know any way to lock a specific dictionary to a specific project. (I suspect that this is a function of the OS X text system that Scrivener uses.)

I think Hugh’s right, the dictionary is part of OS X and Scrivener just uses it. The only thing that I could think of is that you create an applescript to set the dictionary and the launch scrivener and then put an applescript in each directory and run it that way.

Not very elegant though I admit.

I did do a quick search but I couldnt find the command in applescript to change dictionaries and unfortunately I don’t have much time to look right now, I did come across the following command though that you can enter in the terminal to force a dictionary to be used

defaults write -g NSPreferredSpellServerLanguage “dictionaryname”

Hope this helps(?)